Youth  Group

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Nov. 7              Regular Youth Group FUMC 6-8 PM

Nov. 14            Regular Youth Group FUMC 6-8  PM

Nov. 20           Senior High Thanksgiving Dinner/Overnight  at the                             Zimmerman’s 6 PM

            *Sign-up Sheet for Food.   Will attend Sunday School in                    the morning.

Nov. 21              Junior High Thanksgiving Dinner Seven & Neil’s                                  home 2-6 PM

Nov. 28             No Confirmation Class/Start Ornament Making in                              Sunday School Class – Senior High

          No Youth Group-Eat Some more turkey with your family.


Dec. 5             Selling Youth Group Items (Ornaments/Bake Sale)

                        Regular Youth Group FUMC 6-8 PM

                        *Senior High Finish Ornaments at Youth Group

Dec. 12             Regular Youth Group FUMC 6-8

Dec. 18 (Sat)   Youth Group Christmas Party/Lock in FUMC 6-8 PM

Dec. 19             No Youth Group

Dec. 26            No Youth Group—     Merry Christmas                                                                                                 &

                                                             Happy New Year!