Fredericktown United Methodist Church
Saturday, March 28, 2020

Visiting Other Churches?

Fredericktown United Methodist Church Members:   If you are visiting with family members or are on vacation and you worship in another church, please share some of those experiences with us.    We have some questions we would like to have you think about before you worship.   You can print this out, review the following questions before the service, and write down your thoughts afterward.  You can give the office staff your feedback and any bulletins you might collect.  The Worship Team appreciates your time and thoughts.
Visiting Other Churches?    Questions to Think about…………...
 What about the worship made you feel in the presence of God?

 What distracted you from worship?
 Was a worship leader involved?
 What was the style of worship?
 How was music used in the service?
 What visuals were used in the sanctuary or service?
 How was the sanctuary arranged?
 How did you feel about your surroundings?
 How helpful were the bulletin and /or screen to explain how the worship service flowed? 
 Bring home a bulletin to show the order of worship.


 Did you feel welcomed?
 How were you welcomed?
 Who welcomed you?  Were there personal greeters?
 Was there a welcome center?  With food?  
 Could you find your way around?  How were things marked?
 Did members wear nametags?  How did that work?

 How was childcare offered?
 How was the nursery set up?
Sunday School:
What types of Sunday School Classes were there?

What programs were there for children?

What ministries take place through the week?

What small groups are offered?
What activities are there for young adults ages 18-30?